Alzheimer’s Disease

This year I decided to join BvB Dallas, an organization that is dedicated towards raising money for Alzheimer’s research and awareness. As a Registered Nurse, I see patients come into the hospital with Alzheimer’s disease often. Not only is it difficult and frustrating for the patients, but it also effects their families too. This organization […]

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Baby Steps

Tonight, I went on a date…a really good date! As great as it was, I’m having mixed emotions, but not about him. I haven’t allowed myself to completely open up to someone new since my last love of 5 years. While this is very exciting for me, it also has a little sadness to it […]

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Today, I am heart broken.

It’s been two weeks, 14 days since I hit my rock bottom (see previous post). Some days it feels like it’s been months and other days it feels like it just happened yesterday. I have been trying to keep myself busy, physically and mentally, to lessen the amount I think about it, but some days […]

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Rock Bottom

Tonight is the night that I officially hit rock bottom…   I woke up this morning already having a terrible start to my day. Throughout the entire day I felt this gloom hanging over my head. I went throughout work smiling at patients and then walking out with a frown on my face. I felt […]

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Essential Oils

Hey everyone! If you use Essential Oils, then I have a few questions for you! What brand do you use? What scent do you like and what is it used for? What is your opinion about the bracelets and can you explain to me how they actually work? Do you prefer diffusers or jewelry or […]

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Pain is Real, but so is Hope.

The last time I posted was the beginning of last month. I shared my thoughts and feelings about how my perspective on certain aspects of my life have been changing, and that has continued onto today. Since the holidays have come and gone and the new year has started, I have felt a roller coaster […]

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The Complications of Life: Wow! I cannot believe it’s been a little over a month since I last wrote something. I have been crazy busy at work, working long hours, as well as spending time with family during the holidays. I’m still not entirely sure what this post will entail, but I felt inclined to […]

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Survey Time! 

I don’t really have anything specific to write about, so I thought I would do a fun little getting to know you more survey! 1. Favorite smell? Cinnamon apple 2. Last time you cried? Wednesday 3. What’s your favorite pizza? Pepporoni and jalapeños 4. What’s your favorite flower? I don’t know what they are called, […]

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It’s been awhile since I have written anything. Not because I didn’t have anything to write about, but because I had too much to write about to decide what I wanted to put on paper. Have you ever had so much going on in your life, good or bad, that you just couldn’t talk about […]

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