Baby Steps

Tonight, I went on a date…a really good date! As great as it was, I’m having mixed emotions, but not about him. I haven’t allowed myself to completely open up to someone new since my last love of 5 years. While this is very exciting for me, it also has a little sadness to it […]

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Today, I am heart broken.

It’s been two weeks, 14 days since I hit my rock bottom (see previous post). Some days it feels like it’s been months and other days it feels like it just happened yesterday. I have been trying to keep myself busy, physically and mentally, to lessen the amount I think about it, but some days […]

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Rock Bottom

Tonight is the night that I officially hit rock bottom…   I woke up this morning already having a terrible start to my day. Throughout the entire day I felt this gloom hanging over my head. I went throughout work smiling at patients and then walking out with a frown on my face. I felt […]

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