Surgery Update

For the people who are reading my blog and wondering how my recovery from surgery is going, I am doing much better! My ear no longer hurts. My throat is no longer painful, but rather sore and bothersome because it is still swollen. I can finally eat again, most things, without pain. The biggest thing I’m excited about in this entire recovery process is the fact that I can talk again! Not being able to communicate was beyond frustrating for me. There are still some words that don’t come out perfect, but overall it’s much better.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work in two weeks. For those who don’t already know, I’m a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room. So every time I go on a trip or miss work for a while (which rarely happens), for some reason I feel nervous going back to work that first day. I always say “I feel like I forgot how to be a nurse,” which I know sounds so silly but that’s just how I feel. Especially now that I’m in the ER, I don’t exactly have a lot of time to re-adjust and get back into the swing of things like I could on my previous med-surg floor. But I know that it’s just my anxiety talking to me and I will be just fine tomorrow. Even though I’m feeling anxious and nervous, I’m also really excited to see my friends and co-workers! So I’m just trying to think about that aspect of going back to work instead of the anxiety side of it.

I hope to never have surgery again, which is probably unrealistic, so I’ll say I hope to not have surgery again anytime soon! That was a very hard process for me to go through, especially with the allergic reaction I had. I don’t think it would have been AS difficult without that allergic reaction adding to it. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to make sure I was doing okay, I really appreciate it!


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